Tunecore Agreement

In addition to the new agreements, TuneCore Japan represents KK Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, philippines, Singapore and Taiwan, as well as direct social links with MCPS/PRS – UK, Ireland; BCN/KODA – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland; BUMA/STEMRA – Netherlands; SABAM – Belgium; CMRRA and SOCAN — Canada. Personal data collected, processed and used in accordance with TuneCore`s privacy policy, which you will find under www.tunecore.com/terms?section=privacy-policy and the platform provider`s privacy policy that you will find under www.friendbuy.com/privacy. In addition, the personal data of TuneCore or the platform provider can be used on behalf of TuneCore to contact a reference or customer referenced with respect to participation in the program and receiving messages about the program. (i) To participate as a reference, go web.tunecore.com/refer-a-friend and follow on-screen instructions to return your friends, family members or colleagues to the site by entering each person`s name and email address into the recipient field (“Recommendation”). There is no limit to the number of real people you can deport, but please only deport people you reasonably think they want to know more about TuneCore. The quote below from TuneCore provides more details on how it works. Each distributor will have a different “Blanket” agreement with TikTok, but you can expect TuneCore shares to be the same for your distributor. b. “gross revenues,” defined in this agreement, all revenues from the operation of the compositions (and, if applicable, the dubbing licence) and received by the entity; royalties and royalties for arrangers, adapters and translators (subject to the rules and practices of the local collection company), tax deductions and/or standard commissions that are deducted from good faith collection agencies and/or companies operating in length of arms, sub-treaties and/or commissions and/or commissions and/or commissions charged by third-party licensing agents on a part of the territory. b) “gross revenue” is defined in this agreement as the proportional amount of all revenue directly and exclusively related to the operation of all Records of TuneCore customers registered with the Facebook monetization service (including Facebook records) in Facebook properties and collected by TuneCore on Facebook.