Transition To Azure Plan Under The Microsoft Customer Agreement

Partners who purchase a new Azure offer in the Partner Center must choose between Microsoft Azure or the Azure plan. Partners will not be able to provide both offers at the same time. To manage your client`s resources and subscriptions, you need Admin on Behalf Of (AOBO) permissions. You`ll find information about managing your Access under Subscriptions and Resource Management in the Azure Plan You can change a customer from its existing Azure CSP offerings to Azure services as part of the Azure plan as part of the new business experience in the Partner Center`s CSP program. To do so, the partner and customer must have a reseller relationship established through the Partner Center and the customer must have signed the Microsoft customer contract. Manage subscriptions and resources under the Azure plan It is therefore important that your client removes Azure RBAC access for their previous partner and adds access to the new partner. For more information about access to your client, please visit The Azure RBAC Roller Access Control page? For more information about your client deleting your previous partner`s RBAC access, please see Delete a Role Assignment. Take the next steps to change another partner`s Azure subscriptions. The partner and the client must take steps. It is the responsibility of the future partner to complete the transfer application form that is at the origin of the transfer process.

Microsoft cannot intervene on behalf of the customer or current partner. The client should plan to work closely with their current and future partner to ensure a smooth transition. Voting CSP is a very important accounting function and in Microsoft`s CSP partner world, it means that you have to coordinate your customers` billing with your Microsoft or distributor invoices. If the customer doesn`t have an active Azure plan yet, select Azure to add one now. For more instructions, please purchase Azure reservations. At this point, the future partner, customer and current partner are informed by email of the accepted transmission request.